Call for Action 3-25-19

Iowa kids need you to do
2 things right now!

Updated Sunday, March 25, 2018)

1.  Contact your Iowa legislators to include these recommendations in the 2018 Appropriations Bill.

Click here for printable flyer of this Call for Action

  • Bring up the need for a Children’s Mental Health System at your local legislative session this or next weekend.
  • Go to the Statehouse and talk to your legislators.
  • Call and e-mail your legislators.

2. Spread Awareness and Reach Out to Others on this Critical Issue using #MHforIowaKids


The Talking Points:

Iowa does not have a children’s mental health system.

  • There is no dedicated funding for a children’s mental health system
  • There is no point of responsibility at the state or local level.
  • There is no state code ensuring core services throughout the state.
  • The existing Mental Health Regions and Tax Levy are not required to serve Iowan’s under the age of 18.

If you are not writing kids in, you are writing them off!
No changes to the current mental health system affect those under 18 because the current system does not serve kids. Children have to be explicitly written into any new policy or code in order for it to affect them.

The Time to act is Now! The time for talk is over! Click here to see the History of the Struggle to get a Children’s Mental Health System in Iowa.



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